Lime Crime Haul: Part 1 – Uniliners

Pre-post Disclaimer: I know there are many opinions voiced out in the blog-o-sphere about Lime Crime and its creator, Doe Deere. I’ve read all of them and as a reasonable and intelligent person, I like to make my own decisions and not follow any bandwagon. As Beauty Decrypted is a blog about makeup and not about makeup creators, this and any future post about Lime Crime will be just that, a post about the makeup, judged solely on its product deliverables of wearability, texture and color saturation. Please respect our professional attitude and help keep this a drama free-zone. Thank you!

I have been keeping an eye on some of the new releases from Lime Crime and getting an itchy mouse finger to add a bunch to my cart. I finally sealed the deal and this is what came home to me.

I picked up two lipsticks in My Beautiful Rocket and Airborne Unicorn, the entire collection of Carousel Lip Glosses, Medussa Magic Dust loose eyeshadow, two Fantasy Palettes pressed eye shadow in ChinaDoll and Palette D’Antoinette and three Uniliners in Quill, Citreuse, and Orchidaceous.

To keep from being hugely picture heavy, I’m going to break these down into multiple posts.

First up is the Uniliners.

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She Wears It Without Dupes

As promised, I have provided a comparison of the palettes: She Wears It Well from Anastasia, Naked and Naked 2 from Urban Decay. All three are beautiful and versatile neutral palettes with endless possibilities.

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Spun Sugar Manicure

I wish I could come up with these interesting new manicure ideas. Alas, I will resort to being inspired by others to re-create their beautiful looks.  I first saw this manicure from Cris at LTHP: Zoya Spun Sugar Mani. As it turns out, she was inspired by its creator, Mich at The Polish Well, who put up a lovely Tutorial: Rainbow Stripes  on how to complete this look. Thankfully, I now have a new manicure to try and a new nail blog to follow. Thanks Ladies!

Now, onto the manicure!

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Melancholy Over Mela-D

I have had freckles since I was a child.  I’ve never been thrilled about it, and as an adult, I’ve tried various product to lighten them, or at least keep them in check since I spend so much time outside on my bicycle.

When I was in Paris last summer, I had a splendid time browsing the beauty products in the pharmacies, and I bought a tube of La Roche-Posay Mela-D.

French Version of Mela-D

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Anastasia: She Wears It Well

We’ve got another lovely from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is the She Wears It Well palette. These stunning neutrals are inspired by 1930′s Classic Hollywood glamour with an updated modern style. A mixture of matte and shimmer, She Wears It Well holds a multitude of possibilities to keep you constantly inspired.

Let’s take a look inside!

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5-Minute Look

I don’t wear a lot of make-up every day.  The skin around my eyes is hypersensitive, so I have to try samples before I buy a product (or borrow it from the other girls at Beauty Decrypted).  I’m also a bike commuter, so if I wear make-up at the office, it has to be easy to transport and apply.

Tools of the Trade

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Mini-Post: Olympic Fever

I love the Olympics.  London is my favorite city.  London 2012 is a combination of two of my favorite things.  We’re not even a full day in and I’ve already laughed, cried, and cheered.

To celebrate, I applied the Union Flag Nail Rock designer nail wraps I bought at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London earlier this summer.

Union Flag Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps

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Ride, Sally Ride

I was a little girl in 1983 when Sally Ride became the first American woman in space on STS-7.  My father is a former pilot who loves all things air and space, and after hours spent visiting the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum (“Dad, can we go see Dorothy’s ruby slippers yet?”) and watching documentaries on having the “Right Stuff,” it was not lost on my young mind that all of the heroes of the space program were men.  Until Sally.

Close-Up of the Cosmos

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Patriotic Polish

Here’s a quick Nail of the Day on this Independence Day. This is my version of patriotic polish. I think I’ve improved from last year’s attempt.

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MAC Attack! – Powder Blushes

You never knows when it will strike. But, when it does, there is no hope for escape. What am I talking about? MAC Attack, of course. What is a MAC Attack? Let’s define.

MAC·A·ttack [mack-a-tack]


The act or condition of being compelled either by way of new product release, irresistible discount coupon or inexplicable need to visit a MAC store or in which to purchase cosmetic products.

Example Sentence

  • Despite her best efforts, Lunachat was unable to resist the sudden MAC Attack and later found herself tearing open a little black box with black tissue paper and smiling to herself at what she had received…

And what she had received was four glistening Powder Blushes.  This MAC Attack was led by a quest to discover blushes great for pale skin tones. Did this attack quench the beast’s desire inside or leave her bruised and beaten?

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